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What is Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is an inert, odourless and colourless gas that doesn’t sustain life. It is extremely useful in industry as it prevents fast and slow oxidation.

Fires or explosions are perfect examples of fast oxidation. If a vessel is flushed with nitrogen, the oxygen is removed, along with the risk of fire or explosion as these processes need to be fuelled by oxygen. Nitrogen is also used to prevent slow oxidation, i.e. the corrosion of non-organic products or the growth of bacteria in food products.

The level of purity needed for nitrogen depends upon its use. For most applications, high purity (over 95%) is necessary, a level easily achieved by both Atlas Copco’s Membrane and PSA technologies. A purity of 99,9999% can even be reached.

Since the number of applications for nitrogen is increasing, there is a growing tendency for businesses to generate nitrogen on site, rather than using liquified nitrogen, particularly in view of the fact that the technology has significantly evolved, making it more competitive not to mention safer to handle.

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